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Kick Me...Again

KIck me again
And watch me deflate-
A once new soccer ball
Promised fair play,


'Let's try and work this out, ' one said.
'Shut up and listen to me, ' the other said,
Never realizing that in the first's head
This signified that they were already dead.

O3, U3

Of all the people I have loved,
U r undoubtedly the hardest 2 miss:
No 1 could b as mean as u;
No 1 could duplicate your kiss.

Soul Melodic

Do not tell me that I cannot sing:
I never asked for your critique!
As one cannot tell a caged bird to keep quiet,
So one cannot quell that innermost riot


All the same,
Yet each unique:
Peculiar sameness
Of each different piece;

I Don'T Care

I don't care how u feel about me;
I don't care if u know that I exist;
I don't care if u give another vows;
I don't care that it's not my touch u miss;

Earning, Learning

As years go by, we learn how to hide when we cry.
We sometimes forget why we wanted to try to be the pie in the eye
Of a beloved.
So learn to remember that u once; earned that love is unearned


These women here are treacherous,
Backstabbing and vicious,
Malignantly malicious
Parasitic pirrhana fishes.

O3, U2

I can't seem to find the keys to me-
Would u happen to know what they might be?
Recovery from some dream deferred
Or perhaps less desire to be heard

I Write

I write so that should I lose my tongue,
Still am I able to speak.
I write so that should I lose my eyes,
Still am I able to see.

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