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A Whore's Nightmare

They say in dreams you won’t feel pain
But there’s still a bitter taste and
Some sorrow may remain
An image of her undressing with no grace

Girl Without A Heart

Embedded in the Earth
A box of six feet
She lays

Mr. Williams

I see him, this unknown
Happy only
When gardening alone
Far from conversations


Up in the cracks I used to live
And hide from the light of every child's day
When I could have been free and frollick
Nature gave me this disease


The sky reclines under my arms
So all the aggresive heat strikes my back
The earthy grime wrestle among my feet
My individual toes bind, grapple and shape the scum below

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Steven Pimentel 11 July 2009

your a nice a poet.. check my poems out.. im trying to do it big for us teenagers..

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