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Hate is in that shadow
that i will never go into..

if i ever say i hate you

I have changed so much
don't really know who i am..

Times change & people grow

Just Because I Smile
Doesn't mean I don't get Mad
Can't get Sad
Or can't just Frown

My life is a song
when i walk i feel the beat..

walking thru your streets

Dem i just met her
& i feel like she always been with me
the way that she moves
& the way she kiss me..

So much stress
I can't sleep..

people talking

You was the Mistake I got Into
The Trap I fell Into
but if it wasn't True Love
I wouldn't gotten Into YOU.

Life is wrong
why shall we die?

we should have a pick

i never say good-bye
is always see you later..

Dad when you left

He smokes, I smoke
then the others is smoking too
what this world is coming to
people dying & livers is too..


am i fake..

Because i lie
to their face..

Laying in this cold room
thinking about the times
I've been misunderstood

I'm still living
& why shall I die?

I got nothing left for me

Listen Girl

i love that i met you
& i love that your brand new

why am i afraid to get hurt?

because i know girls cheat too
i know they lie

Listen baby

you will never lose me
even if i die tommrow

Just because i always smile..
Doesn't mean i don't get mad
can't get sad
Or can't get heartbroken..

im walking home
& i see this girl across the street..

cute face, sexy body

listen girl...

i know you got this game onlock
& i know you can change me..

I'm gonna keep writing
in till i make it..

i wanna be one of the greatest

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Hey Im back After a 2 Years More Educated in Life & Love I Just want to touch your Heart & Relate to your Life. A Strong Heart with a Poetic Mind Twitter - @_PoeticGenius_ email - Facebook - Steven Pimentel Talk to Me, I could help write your Next Poems.)

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Can'T Hate

Hate is in that shadow
that i will never go into..

if i ever say i hate you
just hand me the pistol
because is hard to hate for me
yea maybe is an issue..

lOve is in the air
like they always say

but hate is in the air too
thats something
i will never breathe thru..

because like everyone
& everything
i lOve you.

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