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Hey Im back After a 2 Years
More Educated in Life & Love

I Just want to touch your Heart &
Relate to your Life.

A Strong Heart with a Poetic Mind

Twitter - @_PoeticGenius_
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Talk to Me, I could help write your Next Poems.

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Can'T Hate

Hate is in that shadow
that i will never go into..

if i ever say i hate you


I have changed so much
don't really know who i am..

Times change & people grow

Just Because Ll

Just Because I Smile
Doesn't mean I don't get Mad
Can't get Sad
Or can't just Frown

The Song In Me

My life is a song
when i walk i feel the beat..

walking thru your streets

Without Her

Dem i just met her
& i feel like she always been with me
the way that she moves
& the way she kiss me..

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