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Will we be friends
Ten years from now
When we are old and gray
Will we still be friends

Oh how i miss you
My dearest ond old friend
It has been years
Since our last visit


When i'm gone
Will you miss me
Will you cry for me
When i slit my wrists

If you knew me
You would cry your heart out for me and feel sorry for me
If you knew all of me
You wouldn't want to let me go


I am numb
Why can't i feel it
The red liquid is streaming from my arms
But yet i feel nothing


All alone in a world
That doesn't want me
Surrounded by people
Who say they care

Oh Drew
I wish you were true
You carry the passtion
For such beautiful Art

My friend
The time has come
I must brake out
I must be on my own

I cannot tell
If this is all true
The feelings i hold
Deep down inside


These tears
Seem to never end
The red liquid
Wont ever stop

He percing eyes
Burn like fire
Deep into your soul
If you look to close

Is it wrong of thee
To be with some one you love
But wish you were with another
Can one love both


How i long for thee
Your sweet touch
Your loving embrace
And your beautiful kiss

When you'r sad
I want to hug you
When i'm sad
You want to get away

Never again
Will i kiss another
Never again
Will i hug another


I hate this feeling
So tierd
But yet awake
So much pain

By: Glori Joe
You're part of me
and without you
i'm not whole


I'm traped
traped in this skin
tring to get out
clawing at the walls

I gave you half my soul
But I just dug myself hole
I am in love with you
You’re the only one who knew

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I write because it comes to my mind and i like to share the feeling that i am having at a particular time in my life.I started writing them down because my bffl had told me that i should.I love her so much. Anyway i was born in 1991.Lived in McPherson KS from birth to after my freshman year of high school.Moved to York NE where i found my bffl, Glori Ramos.Then moved to and currently living in Midwest City, OK. Till we meet again hugs n kisses <3)

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Will We Be Friends

Will we be friends
Ten years from now
When we are old and gray
Will we still be friends
When one of us dies
Are we still friends
Five years from now
Will we be friends
If we married
And live far away
Will we be friends
If we live 500 miles away
Across a sea
Or next door
Will we be friends
If we are famous
or rich
Would we still be friends
Ten years from now
Will we still be friends
Five years from now
Out on our own
Will we be friends
When tomarrow comes
Will we still be friends?

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