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I'm dying inside, crying, bleeding, screaming
but no one can tell because I keep a straight face
on the inside i feel like killing myself
i feel like i have no reason for living

Friend we are, forever friends we'll be
Where we are, you're rigth beside me

I hope we stay friends till the end if time

This I wonder while I lay in bed,
Why it is we all can't be fed
Poverty stricking our sisters and brothers
Making life struggle for fathers and mothers

I'm tired of being talked about
I'm tired of people staring
I'm tired of being diffrent
I'm tired of being ashamed of myself


Its not my fault you left me
So why blame me for all the bad stuff
I didn't ask you to abandon me
I didn't ask you to forget about me

They dont know
how it feels
When someone talks about you behind your back

The weight on my shoulders is so heavy
For the children who are suffering in Haiti
Who look to the world to see what it can do
But if you look real close they're looking at you

I'm so bored I've got nothing to do
So I'm gonna write a poem for you

So what if I don't want to sit on the bus

Why did you leave me
What did I do
I never stole I never did anything bad
So why dont you love me

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My Favorite Brother (Because He's My Only Brother)

My favorite brother is really helpful and even funny. He's really great at making friends, better than me ill say. My brother is always there for me and hes almost never annoying. My brother loves me and I love him too. Because he's my favorite brother, because he's my only brother.

Dedicated to my favorite brother

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