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My country is not loyal anymore
To all its patriotism I have shut my door,
Where girls are brutally dabbed in silence now
Where every woman is in fear some how,

Little innocent was I, much free was I
My treasure was little, much jolly was I,
Birds were companion, had my own heaven
My soul was so subtle and soft, in fantasy dreams I was being taken,

Feeling hot or cold i wanna have it
feeling low or joy i need it,
Its cream makes me soft
Its taste takes me high,

With unexpected start and nexts i stepped in there
I started just like migrant bird there,
It all started with smiles and hopes
We all were like binding in one rope,

I remained silent every time now and then
but i am hearing them all still,
They scream every night to me silently
An epic film covers my eyes and i remain still,

What a marvellous making of life
substances of love imposed in it,
The soul is mingling and tingling
My life is picture perfect my days are hit,

You laughed in joys of your comforts
but some weak in despair seeked from you,
No one belongs to any other here
Concern is now an illusion for all me and you,

I am your flower i will give you shade
In your every low and high I will be there,
You are and will be hero dear father
Your girl is living to give you smile,

If wishes are answered then I wish U
My soul is carving for a dazzle with U,
This world will provide you to me someday
For they all have saw me waiting for u at the bay,

Winds paving the way or dancing their way
Yet i pose a dumb face to it,
Tunes trying to encircle my mood
But I put a stiff face,

Along the same roads with bronze leaves
We walked with distance in between,
Someday something changed you all along
I could just see roughness getting long,

No matter however I got you
My vision is all about making it true,
I am floating with your desire
Impossible word faded with inside fire,

Seldom I have a thought wavering
What they did was accord or abuse,
Made many close mates and rest ones
But they make me what I am not,

Rebellion and refined humans we stand
Lethal and morbid our thoughts are,
We collected opulence and jovial we roar
But were a savage all along the way,

You whisper a word and there one dies
You laugh in your space and there a soul cries,
A mother is losing her little darling son
A son is agonized to see her beloved mother dying,

The scars of memory are deepening more now
Your absence in my world is widening now,
With my every breath I cry within me inside
In my every sight U are searched but U hide,

Seldom we praise its beauty,
The mountains, the shores and greens;
We become amazed always,
Understanding its balance of purity;

I am walking along the road
Which no one will walk for me,
My learning has been constant
My experiences have been variant,


One day along with my grandfather i went into a big building
Had never been to a place where a man holding a toy gun welcomes you,
Though children are always welcomed with a candy
But I let it go wanting to explore more inside,

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Shame On A Nation

My country is not loyal anymore
To all its patriotism I have shut my door,
Where girls are brutally dabbed in silence now
Where every woman is in fear some how,
This place holds no dignity nor any respect for us
Here exploitation of pure soul is so vigorous,
The men have lost all their decency and morals
They continue their shame with a lap of honour,
Although a woman enlightens the world
still they are considered inferior race,
Shame on the nation which doesn't respect womanhood
Shame on the country which doesn't acts strongly which it should.

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'What would a saviour be When you are a writer'.

A verdict is always a verdict, No matter how far it is from truth.

Honesty and integrity are both hard to digest for others now. -Nida.

Selfish is the world and kind is the world, Your luck. -Nida

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