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Vampires Desire

One look in the eye of the mysterious creature
All you see is the pure black
One look is all it takes to lure you into death.

The Girl Who Couldn'T Wait

The best gift a girl can get, seems so small but yet so big....
Wrapped in brown and dark black sheets, she waited for her life to seek....

With a bow wrapped on top, she couldn't wait 'what could it be? '

To Make A Decision

Waiting in the dark to find you
Waiting till daylight to see you
When I found out you weren't there
I was left in despair

The Climb

Something hidden in the box
In the closet where it gets lost
Using all sorts of things to reach
You never could nor you should


I'm sorry I hurt you
And not followed through
I know you are angry
But please don't hate me

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My name is Niky, I recently started to write poetry. I never thought I would be a person to write poetry but as I wrote my ver first one I just couldnt stop writing. I grew up in a fairly big family, all of who were artistic..huh..thats probably where I get my imagination that I think about it. I hope to catch readers attentions in future poetry. =]

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