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I am growing old,
My skin is sagged
And hair is white
I don't know where to hide

There mysterious flowers blooms,
And fire flies glow in moon
There stars twinkles at night.
And smiles at different heights.

Over the dark mid night,
Comes the rays of lights.
Shines the Stars,
From a height.

My little foot when entered school
My hands were shaking and were cool
Tears falling from my eye
I just can't say a good bye

I was driving down a tricky hill,
Sighting all the plains and the mill.
I spotted few cows feeding on hay,
And some of the bull carts on my way.

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I am an Indian living in kolkata, west bengal.I am very attracted towards literature and like to spend my leisure hours in poetry. I am very lucky to have a family who always supports me trust me more than anyone. I am writing poems since I was 10 and I am still looking for further improvement.)

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I am growing old,
My skin is sagged
And hair is white
I don't know where to hide
as I shook my head
What happened? said my maid
I looked at the mirror
And saw I am still young
I just had a nightmare very long
- Nirmita Roy

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Rajender Gill 02 February 2023

Wonderful ink

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Nirmita Roy 04 February 2023


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I prefer to hear truth and be insulted than hearing lies and been praised.

No one loses they either learn or win.

Don't think what others think about you, think what you think about yourself.

' Think before you do something not after doing it, cause you cannot change it '

Always check yourself before blaming others cause the fault maybe yours

Enjoy every moment of your life its one.

they are jealous of you cause you have the power they don't

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