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The poem is not about you
Though it carries with itself
The first letter in your name
Is the point of its origin

To know what was beyond sea was their craze
The craze made them start their voyage
Thinking that this voyage might be their last
They carried with them the memories of the past

Don’t cry if you ever fall in the mud
For every flower once was a bud
It would’ve taken time for a tree to reach its peak
Woodpecker too at first would have failed to use his beak

I won't throw that cutlery away
That had slashed your finger
Souvenir it stands

The least i can associate

My nurturing with

Hand as big as yours

Could ever break me down

I could've strolled much longer

Lingered my departure

Worthy of being written

doesn't mean it can be

Let the universe bestow
My 'self' won't be sold
Be in dreams it flourish
Let it fed by hope

One will be amazed
To see the magic in you
If you have really chased
The thoughts which are true

Birds chanting in his garden
Having rhythm of their own
Work no longer a burden
Mild is his tone

The day when my present will have no significance over my past
I would be remembered for what I was
No time would be left to repent for my flaws
Would be the day when my soul will cease it’s fast

For being slow I have paid the price
I know how your heart throbs when it cries
Why the seats are vacant I know
For I was no good at it only slow

Like an oasis in a desert
They are scarce in this earth
Puts a scar in my heart
My longing for their presence

A gift of god I was never blessed with
You are lucky enough to have
Experienced it till adolescence
Which I lost at a tender age

 When you are no more to say no
Why am i still afraid to do so
There is no possibility of getting caught
Still my heart is saying do not

Summers are growing more hotter
Inspite of rains there is no water
Waiting  for the ocean to get filled
A bird has passed away, her wish unfulfilled

Considering each other as members of this universe
I wonder how it would have been if we were strangers
How lonely i would have felt without you
I wouldn't have stopped laughing then, i know myself

May be one day the curtain will rise
Gone will be the darkness from my eyes
Does i want someone to die?
So that he can lend me his eye

I own a million dollar company
Still i owe a great deal
To the child who lead me here
I wish i can give him back

Nivedita Dutta Biography

Nivedita Dutta was born during the year 1996. She did her early schooling in Mathura then moved to Kanpur in the year 2003 where she got the chance to realize her true self. The poem ‘When I set out for Lyonnesse’ by Thomas Hardy inspired her and made her write a poem on her own. From that very day she started taking verse as a hobby which turned into passion one day. Other than poetry she is deeply interested in reading books, playing games and travelling. She loves enjoying with her dear ones who encouraged her to overcome every hurdle of life.)

The Best Poem Of Nivedita Dutta

My Poem, My Life

The poem is not about you
Though it carries with itself
The first letter in your name
Is the point of its origin
Having your name embraced in it
None stop you from calling it yours
It's from where i 've been
That is a poem that tells of you
You are a poem and i am from you
Who Gives my poem a name
Other than the title, is only you
Somewhere embedded in your name
Is my poem's ending too
Somewhere in a poem that tells of you
To the heart it's always you
You are a poem and i am from you

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Uttam Biswas 07 August 2011

hi nivedita! How are you? I have gone through your latest poem ''a flower once was''. And it is beautifully composed. Carry on.

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Abhay Vignesh L 03 March 2011

A pleasure to read your poems.Keep writing. You have great aptitude for verse

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