Noelle Mott

Rookie (Tucson, Arizona)

Noelle Mott Poems

1. Faith 2/16/2012
2. Happiness 2/20/2012
3. School 2/22/2012
4. Confused 3/21/2012
5. Sickness 3/23/2012
6. Difficult 1/19/2014
7. I Remember 1/19/2014
8. Its Time 4/4/2014
9. Where I Am From 8/9/2014
10. Arizona 5/11/2013
11. Friends 3/5/2012
12. Letting You Go! 2/20/2012
13. Hidden In The Shadows 2/16/2012
14. Holocaust 2/26/2012
15. Embarrassing 2/20/2012
16. Wonder: / 2/17/2012
17. Who Wants To Hangout? 2/23/2012
18. My Love 3/7/2013
19. Lead 11/11/2013
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We met each other in the ancient times,
My heart was attracted to your atomic number 82 times,
I think you should lose weight since your atomic weight is 207.2 atomic mass units
When we hang out, you start melting at 327.46°F (600.61 K)
When we go swimming in a hot tub, you start boiling at 1740.0°C (2022 K)
We went to the doctors to get you a physical to play sports at school,
The doctor announced to us your density is 11.342 grams per cubic centimeter,
In the classroom the teacher talks about what assignments are due,
With the temperature of the ...

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Talking to yourself when people are around,
Don't feel alone because I do it all the time
Typing this poem while my teacher looks at me like im crazy
Haha funny times hahahah....we are all weriod in are own way.

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