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My Love

I know we just broke up yesterday,
But I feel like a piece of my heart way taken away,
There was no other guy that would talk to me all night
And sing me a little song, my little lullaby

Wonder: /

I wonder that the meaning of life is
If I have a purpose to live,
If I breath or not or if I belong
People stare through me, can they even see me

Who Wants To Hangout?

I wait by the phone for a phone call from my friends
Them saying, 'Want to hangout? '
Im so bored sitting here while people are having fun
And Im home with two parents being tired and have nothing to do



We met each other in the ancient times,
My heart was attracted to your atomic number 82 times,
I think you should lose weight since your atomic weight is 207.2 atomic mass units

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