norman hale

Freshman - 556 Points (2/18/1963 / ohio)

norman hale Poems

1. Thank You Lord 8/10/2007
2. Look At Each Morning 8/17/2007
3. Somewhere In Your Heart Of Love 8/23/2007
4. Standing At The Altar 8/23/2007
5. The Wolfman 10/4/2007
6. Green Goo Monster 10/4/2007
7. The Slasher 10/6/2007
8. I Dreamed Last Night 11/1/2007
9. The Conking 11/1/2007
10. Thanksgiving Is Before Us 11/21/2007
11. Would You Hold Me Darlin 12/5/2007
12. Happy Birthday My Friend [ Picture Poem] 12/29/2007
13. It's Official 1/24/2008
14. Don'T Burn Our Flag 2/5/2008
15. There Upon That Cross 2/5/2008
16. Laying In This Battlefield 2/8/2008
17. If I Told You Today [song ] 2/10/2008
18. Mr. Michael T Pollard 2/10/2008
19. Here I Am 2/12/2008
20. With These Flowers In Hand 2/13/2008
21. We Are Friends Until The End 2/24/2008
22. In These Arms Of Mine 3/2/2008
23. Redneck Lover 2 2/11/2008
24. With These Arms Of Mine 3/9/2008
25. Let's Hang'Em High 3/9/2008
26. In These Arms Of Yours [ Slow Song] 3/9/2008
27. Man From Brazil [lymrick] 3/11/2008
28. Man From Kong [lymrick] 3/11/2008
29. This Heart Holds You Tighter 3/10/2008
30. Yep Easters In The Air 3/18/2008
31. Layin Here In The Dark 3/18/2008
32. Just As Sure As 4/19/2008
33. The Gobbler 4/19/2008
34. Keep Those Soldiers In Our Memories 5/23/2008
35. Oh As He Hung There [song] 6/1/2008
36. Young Hero 6/5/2008
37. Let Jesus Guide You 6/7/2008
38. May Our Flag Keep On Waving 6/13/2008
39. I Have A Few Words 6/20/2008
40. May I Shake Your Hand 6/29/2008
Best Poem of norman hale

I Give You This Rose

I give you this rose
I give you my heart
But don't be sad
For it's only a start

I give you this rose
I give you my love
That was passed on to me
From Heaven above

I give you this rose
I give you my arms
To run straight into
Should this world show you harm

I give you this rose
I give you my ears
To forever listen
To all of your fears

I give you this rose
I give you my hand
To help you whenever
And however I can

I give you this rose
I give you my respect too
All this I'm giving, to show ...

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Lady Vampiress

Each day just when the sun goes down,
And there is no one else around,
Is when the vampires comes out to play;
But really, she is hunting prey.

She haunts the shadows of the night,
Searching for the type that's just right;
She has the thirst to drain your blood.
She'll give you fatal hickeys, bud!

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