norman hale

Freshman - 556 Points (2/18/1963 / ohio)

norman hale Poems

1. Thank You Lord 8/10/2007
2. Look At Each Morning 8/17/2007
3. Somewhere In Your Heart Of Love 8/23/2007
4. Standing At The Altar 8/23/2007
5. A Special Brown Eyed Angel 8/23/2007
6. The Wolfman 10/4/2007
7. Green Goo Monster 10/4/2007
8. The Slasher 10/6/2007
9. I Dreamed Last Night 11/1/2007
10. The Conking 11/1/2007
11. Thanksgiving Is Before Us 11/21/2007
12. Would You Hold Me Darlin 12/5/2007
13. Happy Birthday My Friend [ Picture Poem] 12/29/2007
14. God Watches Us All 1/6/2008
15. Don'T Act Like You Know Jesus 1/24/2008
16. It's Official 1/24/2008
17. Don'T Burn Our Flag 2/5/2008
18. There Upon That Cross 2/5/2008
19. Would You? 2/6/2008
20. Laying In This Battlefield 2/8/2008
21. Redneck Lover 2/8/2008
22. If I Told You Today [song ] 2/10/2008
23. Mr. Michael T Pollard 2/10/2008
24. Somewhere In The Heart Of Love 2/10/2008
25. Here I Am 2/12/2008
26. With These Flowers In Hand 2/13/2008
27. We Are Friends Until The End 2/24/2008
28. In These Arms Of Mine 3/2/2008
29. Deppression 3/2/2008
30. With These Arms Of Mine 3/9/2008
31. Redneck Lover 2 2/11/2008
32. He Died There On The Cross 3/9/2008
33. Let's Hang'Em High 3/9/2008
34. In These Arms Of Yours [ Slow Song] 3/9/2008
35. Man From Brazil [lymrick] 3/11/2008
36. Man From Kong [lymrick] 3/11/2008
37. A Cowboy Lymrick 3/11/2008
38. Oh My Sister Caroline 3/10/2008
39. This Heart Holds You Tighter 3/10/2008
40. Yep Easters In The Air 3/18/2008
Best Poem of norman hale

Raccoon Hunting

The sun is dropping down
That orange ball has begun to glow
It won't be very long now
It will be time for the show

The hounds are in the truck
Just waiting to use their noses
As soon as we set them free
There will be all kinds of noises

Now the hounds are on the hunt
Covering all of the woods lands
They have noses thousands more powerfull
Than that of any fellow man

One just struck a track
And now the race has begun
The hounds bark in harmony
Like a song that's never been sung

Now their voices start their changing
As they start...

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Lady Vampiress

Each day just when the sun goes down,
And there is no one else around,
Is when the vampires comes out to play;
But really, she is hunting prey.

She haunts the shadows of the night,
Searching for the type that's just right;
She has the thirst to drain your blood.
She'll give you fatal hickeys, bud!

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