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And The Satire Of The Situation Is...

are you sure this is what you want
because you're not looking so sincere
are you questioning the thoughts i'm giving you dear
oh, i can feel regrets in the room
and there's a high chance i am one
i'm just another mistake

well for the time being, i'll be all right because
you're stuck on the back of my eyelids to sing me to sleep at night
so you go on doing what you do
and i'll ride the ocean as if it were made for me
you go and chase the stars and i'll go drown myself in the sea
what's the sky look like where you're at?
'cause right here it's your ...

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Overtop The City

if this is what you want
i'll give it to you
give me a second to clear
the smoke from the room
a day to clear my mind
and forever to understand those gorgeous eyes

we can outshine the sun
we will outshine the sun