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I was there, trying to find my way home,
Through the grasses, thorns and sticky loam
That had replaced the narrow footpath,
That once led man from this to that.

Without you is a dream coming true
A dream I never had but yet is coming true
Should I call it my destiny to be without you?
When the only light in my life is the sun that's you.

Fearsome soul sucker
Cold but a good messenger
Where are his trophies?

Alone, at times, I lie back and wonder-
How God made me an artist with words on paper
The beauty of the load I am born to deliver,
Remains a mystery-like a Qur'an to a believer.

Nature made me a vehicle without a break,
My motion is thus, a mandatory action.
Like everything that was created, I cannot stay young,
And have no map for my next destination.

My ears are hot from the gush of voices
And I wish my soul can be lost for minutes
Lost as my eyes would shut their openings
And then I'll submit myself to the darkness waiting.

I went in search of a soul
To replace a weak one I call my own

I went out of my head for the things I said

Tell me your dreams
What your eyes see when they can’t see
Tell me your dreams
What your soul feels when they can’t feel

I write, hoping to make things right,
Hoping the words I write will help mend weak hearts,
And would render their tongues speechless but not their minds
And breathe life into the grave that had been dug in their minds.

Clothe me with nothing
My spirit will not shield me
Can't I fight my will

I can unwind the hands of my clock,
But it won't change the morning light to dawn.
I wish to meet time so we can talk
So I can go back in time to retie the loose knots.

I need a diamond,
Huge and found in space to break-
Your heart of diamond.

Who knows what I was seeking for?
In a dark forest, not a pleasing tour
and wham! I'm up against the dark four-
Who have no mercy or something to die for.


Battered, scattered, utterly shattered.
The question of trust rightfully answered.
Lost in a world where the sun was warm,
and sent to a shore where the water is hot.

Nur'ayn (new reign) Biography

I love to write. I love to say the things I want to say without my mouth open, without my tongue working. I am a poet and story writer. I started writing stories when I was Thirteen and wrote my first poem when I was Nineteen Years Old. I may not write as good as Shakespeare or Wordsworth did but I hope my writings will be widely read and appreciated. I hope to be get better with every poem I read, with every poem I write, with every comment I make on other people's work and with every comment I receive about any of my poems. I just want to write, I just want to be read, I just want to be a Poem Hunter.

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On My Way Home

I was there, trying to find my way home,
Through the grasses, thorns and sticky loam
That had replaced the narrow footpath,
That once led man from this to that.

I stopped a few number of times,
To fetch my pen and write down a few rhymes
About my fellow men with whom I travelled,
And how the road we took was never levelled.

At times I had to fight one or two giant wolves,
And was good as dead after killing them both.
Then I ran out of water, fuel and even loaves,
And had to beg from the very people I loathe.

The road leading home is like a war zone,
Where no soul is guaranteed of making it home;
Even the fearless warriors who are well-known,
Often fall and are never able to rise on their own.

My journey home will be a tale to be told,
One I hope will make me my offspring's hero,
And teach them to guaranty a sunny tomorrow,
By conquering today, whether it's hot or cold.

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Nur'ayn (new reign) Popularity

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