Nur'ayn (new reign)

Rookie - 5 Points (29th January,1990 / Lagos, Nigeria)

Nur'ayn (new reign) Poems

1. Joyful Skies 7/16/2011
2. Is That Me? (Haiku) 8/25/2011
3. Cold As Stone (Haiku) 8/25/2011
4. The Tour Of Terror 8/25/2011
5. Trust 8/25/2011
6. Guess Good (Haiku) 9/14/2011
7. My Mind Lives (Haiku) 9/14/2011
8. Search My Soul (Haiku) 9/15/2011
9. Vast Past Sin (Haiku) 9/15/2011
10. Free But Lost (Haiku) 10/1/2011
11. Fare Ye Well 8/29/2011
12. He Talks 10/8/2011
13. Listen 12/26/2012
14. Solitude (Haiku) 8/25/2011
15. Sword And Blood (Haiku) 10/1/2011
16. Seedlings Of Sorrow (Haiku) 9/14/2011
17. Unrecoverable Loss 8/29/2011
18. Myself Against Me (Haiku) 10/8/2011
19. I Write 10/15/2012
20. Blessed Waste (Haiku) 8/25/2011
21. My Soul, My Own 10/1/2011
22. Tell Me Your Dreams 1/29/2012
23. Drowning 7/16/2011
24. Not Just A Poet 5/26/2012
25. Clueless 8/2/2012
26. Truth That Cuts (Haiku) 8/30/2012
27. Angel Of... (Haiku) 8/25/2011
28. Without You (Is A Dream Coming True) 4/4/2012
29. On My Way Home 10/1/2012
Best Poem of Nur'ayn (new reign)

On My Way Home

I was there, trying to find my way home,
Through the grasses, thorns and sticky loam
That had replaced the narrow footpath,
That once led man from this to that.

I stopped a few number of times,
To fetch my pen and write down a few rhymes
About my fellow men with whom I travelled,
And how the road we took was never levelled.

At times I had to fight one or two giant wolves,
And was good as dead after killing them both.
Then I ran out of water, fuel and even loaves,
And had to beg from the very people I loathe.

The road leading home is like a ...

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Blessed Waste (Haiku)

Pleasantly sour taste
Of love, now turned to hate,
What a blessed waste!

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