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Such bitter sweetness falls within a candy coated dream
the place where hope extends beyond the sugar coated scheme
as we dance and dance, around the candy cane sticks
Prancing hand in hand, as we come to one we both lick

Withering dead from the mid afternoon heat
As flame to charcoal, igniting into a furious defeat
Pain initiated from within expels into the spring time air
Spreading my anger, my hate, and all of my despair

I messed with her emotions, because I do not know what to do
All I wanted to say is that I only wanted to be with you
The words that came out did not convey what I meant to say
They did not tell you that I wanted to see you everyday

Goodnight my darling as we walk into this night
Overhead, peaceful darkness with a surreal gentle light

Onyx colored sky that brings out each star lit glows

When I look at two people
Whom so madly in love
A life long worth of tragedy,
as a single kiss holds on

Soul mated for life
as we swin to survive
in my heart so much love
no other women that is above

As I look at the ghost's reflection
It is an image of mass rejection
My soul makes the ghost inferior
While I embarrasingly stare in the mirror

Hearing strange voices surrounded by emptiness
Listening to the sounds of peaceful nothing
Where there is no soul that could ever imagine
The thoughts that transpose in your head

Soft spoken words ignite this sensual urge
Tantalize my thoughts, calming my nerves
Such sexuality with a hint of spice
Indulge me with your beauty on a hot and steamy night

Lucid thoughts drip upon my mind
Tingling chills throughout my spine
Goose bump raise from head to toe
High as a bird as my body glows

H-earing your voice is as sweet as a symphony
A-magical sound that brings my ears utter tranquility
P-eacefulness sets in as I look into those mezmirizing eyes
P-enatrates my soul, sending shivers down my spine

We fall in love just like the old oak tree sheds its leaves each season
As we run through the deciduous forest as our magical place beckons

The Jekyll came out and unleashed his fury
Against right and wrong, his vision is blurry
Revealing his wrath and causing such pain
Dethroned his princess because he was so vein

Stranded in a fearful tower of pain
A princess crying down tears of rain
Without the sun's beams she is alone
Alone and frightened, bitter and cold

Restitution of my inner intuition,
you are my love,
my life's ambition
I fall into you as a composer


Batteries to a flashlight that brightens your path
Bleeding on the inside as the pain becomes your wrath
Taking all the responsibility to overload your mind
Blinded by the short term happiness that you will find

There is a darkness that morbidly haunts my life
The ever constant thoughts, the torture to survive
As people gaze at me, they see nothing but a shell
I put a smile on, and trance them into a wicked spell

Shards of glass lie upon the broken heart floor
Shattered and battered, light fades from heavens door
Piece by piece is the damage done to her desolate soul
Cutting into her heart, slicing and dying as memories whither

I saw a shooting star tonight
Dancing across the clear black sky
Clouds up high, out of mind, out of sight
Full moon shining rays of vivid light

The laughter in your soul, the joy you bring to my life
This sadness you live, I always want to be by your side

When one talks about a best friend, always and forever

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Candy Coated Dream

Such bitter sweetness falls within a candy coated dream
the place where hope extends beyond the sugar coated scheme
as we dance and dance, around the candy cane sticks
Prancing hand in hand, as we come to one we both lick
Love blooms as we meet in a kiss, like in Lady and the Tramp
Our candy kingdom ruled by two, as the umpa lumpa's dance
We walk through the land, and gaze forever into each other's eyes
And then climb the steps to ride down the milk chocalatey slide
Landing in a pool of such wonderfully pure sweetness
We embrace in a hug, that like the chocolate, is made of pure greatness
As I watch you get out of the pool covered in chocolate like a 100 Grand
Looking like my favorite candy, which melts in my mouth, not in my hand
We laid together on the ground like a twizler all rolled up in one
Both nibbling at each other, until our hearts both became undone
Forever to this day I will declare you my lollipop queen
Such beautiful sweetness falls inside a candy coated dream

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