Nyrical Poet

Rookie (08/17/1979)

Nyrical Poet Poems

1. 'Til Death Do Us Part 10/2/2006
2. New Born Destiny 10/2/2006
3. Seasons 10/2/2006
4. Mirror Image 10/6/2006
5. Story Book Ending 10/6/2006
6. Love, Hate, And Rationale 10/6/2006
7. Restricted Bond 10/9/2006
8. The Fire Of Desire 10/9/2006
9. Truth Hidden Behind Lies 11/27/2006
10. Soul Mate Navigator 12/20/2006
11. Silhouette 12/28/2006
12. Soldier Of Peace 1/30/2007
13. Symphony 1/31/2007
14. Astray 2/13/2007
15. Nightmare 3/21/2007
16. Broken Heart Love 7/31/2007
17. Shooting Star 9/26/2007
18. Vow To An Angel 9/26/2007
19. Hidden 10/16/2007
20. Distant Dreams 9/3/2008
21. Old Oak Tree 2/6/2007
22. The Poison Inside 8/15/2007
23. Birthday Wish 10/18/2006
24. Life Long Drug 10/23/2006
25. Left In Ashes 10/5/2006
26. The Whisper Of The Wind 10/9/2006
27. Embraced In A Kiss 10/18/2006
28. Confession 12/28/2006
29. A Single Kiss 10/9/2006
30. Mistaken Intentions 3/26/2007
31. Passion's Night 11/14/2006
32. A Love Lost 3/22/2007
33. Candy Coated Dream 10/2/2006
Best Poem of Nyrical Poet

Candy Coated Dream

Such bitter sweetness falls within a candy coated dream
the place where hope extends beyond the sugar coated scheme
as we dance and dance, around the candy cane sticks
Prancing hand in hand, as we come to one we both lick
Love blooms as we meet in a kiss, like in Lady and the Tramp
Our candy kingdom ruled by two, as the umpa lumpa's dance
We walk through the land, and gaze forever into each other's eyes
And then climb the steps to ride down the milk chocalatey slide
Landing in a pool of such wonderfully pure sweetness
We embrace in a hug, that like the chocolate, is ...

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New Born Destiny

Cold dark insides made of cobb webs of death
Suffocated soul that chokes with each and every breath
Hidden deep inside is this black darkened rage
More anger than a furious lion trapped in a tiny cage
Coughing up satin red blood from a heart ripped in two
A few drinks from the bottle to keep this mind subdued
Drown out the thoughts that this lonely soul wants to die
Down another sip of whiskey only to keep some happiness alive
Tears pour down as faint memories of my far distant lover

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