Freshman - 592 Points [Omi ogbon] (09-02-1994 / Ibadan)


1. Her Heart Breaks 3/31/2018
2. Mother, I Shall Bring Thy Joy 4/4/2018
3. The Oppressor I Know 3/31/2018
4. Adulthood At Dawn 4/12/2018
5. Who Will Tell Your Story, What Will Tell Your Story 4/12/2018
6. In A Garden Waiting For A Love 4/20/2018
7. Wife Like No Other 4/20/2018
8. My Son, Don't Cry 4/20/2018
9. My Plague 4/20/2018
10. Girl Child Weeps 4/27/2018
11. The Path We Walk... 8/25/2018
12. A Tale Of My Dream 4/12/2018
13. The Conversation 3/31/2018
14. Saara (My Appeasement Feasts) 3/31/2018
15. Rise And Keep Rising 4/4/2018
16. Only In My Dream 4/10/2018
17. Where I Come From 3/31/2018

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Where I Come From

You can throw me stones because I cast,
or declare me wanted because I define
my fatherland. I am not a bastard.
Let me talk! You can toss the coin hundred times,
I am black, I am African.

From Oyo ile to the crest of Olumo rock,
I sailed through Erin Ijesha waterfalls
and uplifted through Sambisa forest to
Oke Ibadan hill. I reside where people
want rain to fall on a single roof.

My skin colour doesn't define my tongue,
neither symbolizes my cognitive possession.
Where I come from is where menace is a staple
food like maize.


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The Oppressor I Know

I tried to write but my ink agglutinates
I tried to speak but it seems my
voice has been betrayed by the wave.
I forced my hands, my legs but
gesticulation betrayed me more than
the wave.

The stone landed on my skull,
the one the oppressor threw to

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