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The Stress in me,
The tiredness in me,
The pall in me,
The tension in my body.

Lonely all days thinking about life
It makes a wide reasoning
It brings a lot of thought

Did you see me coming?
Through the mist of ages
Did you see me baffling?
Through the see of faces

The life of being a poet
Was really short
Because it's full of glossary
And I don't want to be out of boundary

When I was born with a fresh mind
In a burkious and rockious determination
Who am I to tell my minded minds
I was distracted by many minds

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The Stress in me,
The tiredness in me,
The pall in me,
The tension in my body.

It makes me feel Jade
It makes my body feels hot
But did I have any Choice?
Did I have to quit?
It will pay

I don't have to quit
Because it will grow And I will harvest
It's a very bad advise to continue
But I gave it myself
Because I believe in HIM

The key is coming for me
Rather I also want it
The door is still lock
But I will have it

There's no choice for the poor
There's no reason for the choice
Things have been difficult for boys
Not even some coins

I came from nowhere
I belong to nobody here
But I'm some people sphere

I put my head down
To think about the past
But now I realized that I failed
I should rather think of the future

I realized this is the end
The end of life?
My pen is down already
There's no ink in the case
There's no blood in the vein

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No Matter Where you are! No Matter What you do! No matter who you have become! .......... NEVER FORGET YOUR HOME

I am me! I will never want to be another I will never pretend to be another I will never behave like anothe! Just to fit in.

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