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-Nigeria at 51-

When we count our loses
in this land of golden roses

The starry skies bears me witness
That I roamed about with no place to lay;
lost in a world of pain and wickedness-
when He came around and picked me from the miry clay


Because everybody does it
doesn't makes it right
Today I choose the way, I want to live my life
I know it won't be easy but, I'll still strife


..A letter from God...

I remember days of your passion
Days when you glowed with a mission;


Once you are still alive
you can always strive
Even when it seems you can no longer cope;
life will still offer at least a streak of hope.

I think I did see her,
the same as the imagery I once saw in my dream...
in my trance of an ideal African beauty.

She is the choice wine in my favourite cellar
She occupied space; she is all I could remember
She took His place, topped the list
But on dooms day

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Land Of Roses

-Nigeria at 51-

When we count our loses
in this land of golden roses
... We will discover we have lost more than we gained
through those evil years of tyranny; when Terror rained

In our deadly rage
we grew vast in age
We got free from White prison
but selfishly soldout in Black treason

Let's remember the good old days
when hope shun like distant rays
Our future saddled so bright
elegant in the sky like a kite

We have come a long way
so far my mouth cannot say
We've been together for so long
bonded by love so strong

Let's put an end to the discord
and hold unto one cord
The cord of peace, unity and love
love so true like that of a dove.

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