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Ancient of days
So the philosophers says
He is the way
A driver say

Why pretend
When you waits for my end
You guise as friend
Inwardly ravenly you tend

He murdered and the law rest him
He steal, they arrest him
But he lied but none molest him
The law, though partial

Here you are my troubadour!
Your wind opened the door
With you I begin my poetic traverse
I hope each step will open to me a new verse

The hate is this life
She's a cruel wife
And though she with me she strife
I got to treat her as rife

Now comes the time when I no longer speak- nothing
But my blue blooded vessel makes the speech
I'm not faulty, its the write thing
Now comes the time when my programmed Homing Pigeon no more function

Your hand is heavy upon my bones,
Tiredness I bear strength no more.
You grip my marrow;
Feel weak for the morrow.

My mum told me how love is sweet
And tells tales of how it use to be
But now I've run into it
Oh good Lord! It sweeten me


That beautiful girl called Mary
From head to toe she is hairy
She covers her mouth
And turn towards south

Oh my! How time hurries like winged-chariot
Though Seasons last but not long like lifetime
I wish to remain forever young but
Race after this resource seems unending.

The great KOWE bird had let out its scream
Let loose announcement; fall of Iroko
Water no more flows, death is the fish's whim
Why aren't you talking IYA ALAGBO?

Feather of the poetic winged-chariot,
And to the poetic nation, a patriot.
Excellent pen that inks praises and reproof
On whom honour is due and those who build wrong roof.

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Ode To The Almighty

Ancient of days
So the philosophers says
He is the way
A driver say
He is the conerstone
The bricklayers declared
Creating the world alone
With no one He shared
Carvers knows him
The tree of life
Bakers called him
The bread of life
To the pupils; good teacher
Living water to mariner
His name
Shall I proclaim
With no shame
I shall make known His fame

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