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1. The Silent Heart 9/6/2012
2. Cats Among Roars 9/6/2012
3. Is Not In This World 9/6/2012
4. Na Watin I Like 9/6/2012
5. Wallow Apart 11/7/2012
6. To The Married 11/22/2012
7. Telephone Conversation 8/7/2013
8. where We Live In This Century 3/4/2014
9. Mere Men 9/6/2012
10. Unreturned Treasure 9/6/2012
11. 2010 9/6/2012
12. Forceful Parts 9/6/2012
13. Liberty And Freedom 9/6/2012
14. Ancient Path 9/6/2012
15. Anger From A Close Associate 8/5/2014
16. Inability To Get All 12/4/2014
17. Hazard! Hazard! Hazard! 2/9/2016
18. Mosquito Being 12/15/2016
19. An Unusual Rest 9/6/2012
20. The Warring Of Ours And Theirs 3/17/2014


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The Warring Of Ours And Theirs

The only constant thing change: they say
war is also constant: don't you war
For war is a change. eminent
I keep on warring day and night
Warring against evil; warring against soul stealers

For our government war against assylum dwellers
Men that kill men without passion: happy within
Wickedness against flesh and blood
Blood like an ever flow fountain
Descends to the lower path of the earth
Troublers are never troubled

But an eye watches the miss happenings among men
For war is inside and outside
For we cloth with weapons; well packed and ...

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Liberty And Freedom

Who is a man in the face of frustration?
Who is him, when he is alone in face of persecution?
Three things we make man an animal
Only liberty and freedom makes man to be who he is
When he ware his proudest, remove his apparel
He becomes a humble soul, for it is his breath
When he boost of his freedom, segregate him
When man find no one to talk to, he is demote
When he talk, never let him hear from people

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