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Onaiza Simeen Poems

1. Tears Draped In Laughter 12/10/2006
2. Give Me All Your Pains 12/11/2006
3. Mamma’s Ecstasy 12/13/2006
4. Your Mystic Masseur 12/14/2006
5. Neelkanthha 12/14/2006
6. Sartorial 12/14/2006
7. Refraction 12/14/2006
8. Win Me If You Can 12/15/2006
9. Blind Lanes Never Meet 12/15/2006
10. Haiku-2 1/22/2007
11. Licenced To Kill 1/24/2007
12. Nightmare 1/25/2007
13. Love And Hatred 1/25/2007
14. A Rare Talent Wasted 1/25/2007
15. Your Erroneous Zones 1/25/2007
16. I Lost 1/25/2007
17. A Soul's Death 1/25/2007
18. Don'T Love Me So Much 12/10/2006
19. My Pongo Pigmy 12/10/2006
20. Jaane Kis Liye 12/10/2006
21. A Genius 1/25/2007
22. Waiting 1/25/2007
23. Helpless 12/10/2006
24. Trial-Tests 12/12/2006
25. A Quote 12/14/2006
26. Ke Sera Sera 1/25/2007
27. The Pearl That Is Love (A Thought) 12/10/2006

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Best Poem of Onaiza Simeen

The Pearl That Is Love (A Thought)

The making of a pearl,
Is a saga of pain.
For it is created in the
Cradle of the ocean,
Inside the womb of the oyster- its mother,
From a single grain of sand!

So is the presence of love,
Like a single grain of sand,
That causes a tumult within,
And wrenches the heart,
Making the soul writhe in pain.
The very pain which makes
The oyster secrete the fluid
To blanket the grain of sand.

Just as the oyster tries to conceal-
The grain of sand with the fluid it secretes,
So do we try to repress our instincts
And veil our emotions, ...

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Tears Draped In Laughter

Laughter is our chief source of existence,
Be it soft or loud.
Expressive as it always is,
It is meant to inject the spirit of joy,
Into the glittering eyes of the onlooker.
Its echoes can penetrate long distances,
And enliven the hearts – near or far.
So, we yearn for the magic touch -
Of the enchanting wand;

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