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Teenage Trategy

In my room, All Alone,
I have my gun,
And I have my phone,
I look around and I know,
The door is locked,
And the lights are off,
I want to cry,
I want to weep,
The demons have gone
In way too deep,
If only I could fly,
Fly to the sky,
And when I know,
That when I'm high,
I'll just let go,
And make no sound
Until I've reached the ground,
But I have no wings,
I have no sons,
So then I'll pull the trigger
Of my pistol gun.

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Lost Without A Moon

Where has this moon gone?
the moon that used to brighten up
the night sky,
And the moon that used to shine
Brighter than any star,
The moon that used to bring to me
This beautiful light,
For this moon used to lighten up
My heart,