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Lift me up, take my worries
Embed a smile on my face
Give me strength and placidity
Lift my soul to Your higher place

It dissipates through the air
Gently teasing your nose
A fragrance so lovely
Grabbing as it goes

I’m going to build a mountain
With every part of me
The base will be strong and sturdy
That of my ankles to my knees

George Jones said He Stopped loving Her today
Johnny Cash sang Come on Get Rhythm,
June Carter wrote Johnny Ring of Fire,
Merle Haggard did his best in prison.

I lost my Love today,
The pain is unbearable.
I was told I was terrible,
So now she’s moving on.

Woman how your love was once a treasure
So divine and true one could not measure
The biggest Heart so ever giving
Full of Passion resolute to living

A dream inside of a dream
A random thought that it may seem
An image appeared in the back of your mind
A face you know but cannot find

I was picking up the house one day,
Trying to keep my mind off of things
When I came across a beautiful note,
From when you loved me and once wrote


Remember that time when we first met
I do, I’ll never forget
Remember that time one day at the park
I do, we talked until dark

B, that it may
What happened to us my love?
Why did we fail?
Why did it end this way?

A warm wind blowing lightly kicking up dust
Leaves of a mesquite tree swaying with rhythm
Stale water from a recent rain
Masked with a gleaming sun’s prism


Why did it end again?
How could we let this happen?
When we knew the pain to be?
The love that we had destroyed,

In time
We fell in love
In time
In time

They say in life you have a destiny
Up to now we thought you and me
But all the ill fated memories
Carved the path to the road we're on

My true true blessings
Fill my heart with joy
Coloring me with make up
Playing with your action toy

A torrid raindrop sliding down a petal
Burning along the way
Is it a tear of joy or sorrow
Hydration as it may

Dancing to music you can’t hear
Singing lyrics you don’t know
World spinning round and round
You’re just a one person show

I awake in the morning
I think of you
Not a second goes by
That I don’t, but I do


Your eyes would touch me
Deep down inside
Yes I think of that
Each time I cried

If only to reach through time
Punch a hole in the sky
Reverse the flow of rivers
The crest of a wave passing by

Oscar Robles Biography

Oscar Robles is a 45 yr. old from Arizona. He is a Single Father who enjoys reading and of course writing. He also enjoys sports, both playing and watching, the outdoors, music, cooking and spending time with his children. 'I believe anything that comes to a good mind should be written down and shared. Some may not like it and some may not be able to translate it but that is what Poetry and Music is about right? I hope you enjoy my writings and please comment if you'd like. And, always remember, Poetry does not always have to Rhyme, it is expressing one's imagination or experiences through rythmn, sound and meaning on paper.' Mr. Robles wishes someday that his writings will find people all over the world and make an impact to whomever they find.)

The Best Poem Of Oscar Robles

Lift Me Up

Lift me up, take my worries
Embed a smile on my face
Give me strength and placidity
Lift my soul to Your higher place
I pray to You I pray
Fill my Heart with Peace and Love
Not one speck left with void
Fill my mind with thoughts of You
And memories enjoyed
I pray to You, I pray
Cleanse my body with drops of tears
Launder all hate and anger away
Then robe me with Your finest cloth
Send your armada of Angels my way
I pray to You, I pray
Leave no trace of any existence
No Happy nor ill repenting mourn
Just the memory of a struggling Man
For something He was Born
I pray to You, I pray

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Oscar Robles Popularity

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