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I now live in Darwin the Northern Territory of Australia, i am 62 years old, married with four children, my wifes name is Paloosa, i am of American Indian descent, i am learning the Muskogee Creek language, i am also an artist, i paint American Indian Spiritual paintings, some people call me a holy man because of what i write and paint, i am devote ...

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I Hear The Raven Sing

I can hear the raven sing,
I can hear the raven sing,
He calls out my name,
I can hear the raven sing,

My Prayer

Dedicate your life to helping American Indian families,

Work towards reviving old values and ancient ways.

Sacred Are Our Children.

Sacred Are Our Children.

My Feet Tread Upon Ancient Ground.

My Feet Tread Upon Ancient Ground. 29/07/2008

My feet tread upon ancient ground,
Dust of decades passed puff up and around my feet,

I Am Black Hawk

I am Black Hawk, you say who,
Black Hawk i reply,
You the white man can not hide your shame,
Time that's ever lasting will not erase your guilt,

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Tracy Rollings 05 May 2007

This was an Excellent poem, straight from the heart, filled was visions of a peaceful life to come, you bring it out so very well, great job 10 from me my friend, your friend Tracy

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