Osceola Waters Poems

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I Hear The Raven Sing

I can hear the raven sing,
I can hear the raven sing,
He calls out my name,
I can hear the raven sing,

My Prayer

Dedicate your life to helping American Indian families,

Work towards reviving old values and ancient ways.

Sacred Are Our Children.

Sacred Are Our Children.

My Feet Tread Upon Ancient Ground.

My Feet Tread Upon Ancient Ground. 29/07/2008

My feet tread upon ancient ground,
Dust of decades passed puff up and around my feet,

I Am Black Hawk

I am Black Hawk, you say who,
Black Hawk i reply,
You the white man can not hide your shame,
Time that's ever lasting will not erase your guilt,

My Spirit Flickers In Eternal Light

I am The Sunrise I am the Sunset I am the Eternal Light.
My spirit flickers like the flame of a candle that never extinguishes,
In life I was as fragile as a crystal glass,
I humanized with the rhythm of life,

They Came From Distant Lands

Our country was taken from us by people from a distant land,
They came in great canoes,

Messamieke (Liars)

Nessameiek (liars)
So many lies,
So many different versions,
All orated from the same place,

The Drums Sill Beat

The drums still beat,
The songs are not silent,
Feet are still in rhythm with the drum,
The dance still sends the dust up into the atmosphere,

They Ride Into Eternity

Horse man of yesterday ride upon horses that disappear into tomorrow,
They make no sound, only in visions can they be seen,