Osvaldo Roman Cerda Poems

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True Family

The day ascends the night descends,
A gentle breeze flows with the night's ghost
Sinister laughs are brought by the night’s host,
Who’s Christian minds speak holiness but utter incest.

Death. Good Or Bad?

Death comes and goes
Like a guest at a uninvited party
Death can be a friend or an enemy

Knowing Life

Only those high above
Know what keeps me alive
They, He, or She will give me hints
To ponder and wonder on this world


Tick, Tick, Tick
I sit alone in the daunting darkness
Moreover, all that presides through the night is that
Tick, Tick, Tick

Let Love Be

Let love be without hypocrisy
Let love be the hymn the angel's sing
Let love be the word of God
Let love be the word of man

Death Can'T Stop Me

Dear Death,

You roam the earth to catch your next victims
I do not deny your power, but it does not reach me

I Am

My beauty so gracious and gallant
That I have become the modern Adonis
My beauty so deep that the Heavens bowed down before me
Beauty so far that the heavenly Angel’s first sin was that of sneering upon me


This deadly sin, a powerful sin
Has conquered my spirit
I just sit to hate, loathe, and be envious
This sin has absolute dominion over me


I found my place
I found that my thoughts are nothing but me
I learned to cultivate myself as I see fit
I know that I will be judged

If You Were Me You Would Be

To be me is an adventure in of it self
You would be more than likely have to be
Diplomatic and Compromising yet possibly Manipulative
Cooperative, Fair and being on Balance and giving Impartiality a chance

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