True Family Poem by Osvaldo Roman Cerda

True Family

Rating: 4.3

The day ascends the night descends,
A gentle breeze flows with the night's ghost
Sinister laughs are brought by the night’s host,
Who’s Christian minds speak holiness but utter incest.
Family they were; united as stone but the recent
Bite that left behind a fiery fight.
The family’s youth and old who fought with might.
The brother in law of the father, who caused the pain to the one flowery decent,
The one who shares kinship blood has been hit with a ball of hate.
This moment which we all deeply regret.
The victim’s loved ones have no laughter but are left with sorrow.
They cry tears that will not change the past since its too late.
The perpetrator laughs knowing that he became great.
All we can do is wait for the morrow.

Greenwolfe 1962 05 August 2008

I have to recommend this but it is a hard write that was done here. And a hard wrong that is written about. The merit here is in the subject, not the writing. I don't envy the writer. GW62

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Pat Diaz 31 March 2008

I really like ur poem

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Osvaldo Roman Cerda

Osvaldo Roman Cerda

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