Ramesh T A Overcoming Poems

Overcoming Loneliness In Life!

One is driven to loneliness by the deaths of close ones
To one as handicap in life, but it is compensated by the
Proximity of friends who are natural brothers, though not
By blood relationship in the world we are all partners!

Overcoming Unnecessary Tension!

Tension, fear and panic make even a small thing
A big matter to deal with to the extent of avoiding
It to be done so as to feel free to breathe air!

Successfully Overcoming Winter Weather Cold Time!

Successfully Overcoming Winter Weather Cold Time!

Dark and cold Winter affects people of weak health unless they have masters it;
That affects many with breathing problem due to too much pollution mixed with mist and fog;

Overcoming Winter Rigour!

Army of ants works through out Spring, Summer and Autumn
In collecting food items for storing them in the den long
So as to feed themselves through out Winter inside it...!

Overcoming Syndrome!

Change of place by travel changes routine;
After return, resuming routine looks new!
Again picking up normal pace in works is
Something beyond prediction like thing..!

Overcoming Crises!

When all things turn to be of no help,
Man seeks some relief from all pains
In something that diverts his attention
From the serious to familiar or easy one!

Overcoming Uneasiness!

Uneasy moments in life are nullified,
When our concentration is diverted
Towards a familiar work of interest!

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