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if you stay with me today
as we were entwined yesterday
and then leave me tomorrow
i will find you

We stand tall, yet so low
above our fears, below our doubts.
We can see through thick
and so we hope so bold.

If Tomorrow Comes,
This night will end,
The tears will stop

But the journey must go on,
as the birds keeps chipping,
and the river keeps flowing
then the air keeps moving

Life has a soul,
That touches every hole.
Dancing to the tone,
But life itself has a dark side.

The Sea.........
It calls me,
deeper into its depths,
it stalks me,

This Night is seemingly too long,
as i sit espying from my window,
alone with the shadows
And Voices.

And she says:
come into my mind- send a whisper
of love to my inner being
embrace me within your arms

It is the poetry of little things that causes the earth to shred and shudder
The poetry of little things that ignites the greatest moments of bliss.
A smile from a little child,
A chuckle from a stranger.

'Tell me your dreams'

she swayed her hips at night
distracting the very sense of his responsibility


A Fine adventure,
that exists within the
A Strong sense of believe,

Of a thousand miles and a thousand smiles
of earth and her footsteps
meandering like a puppet
of friends in Rome

Not too far from the distant hills
My song is been heard and sang
what a lullaby, what a serenade
they dance for me; ballet

Out of the darkest shell I emerge,
Bringing Out a path once trailed
I Arrive; With a story to tell
From a past once bitter

'When I close my eyes at night,
When I lay on my bed, I
Hear Shadows and
See Voices.

Angel Come
Angel Come; Come with a Whisper,
With tongues of Mysta
Come in the Night,

City light shine

The Best Poem Of Ovi Odiete

If You Leave Me

if you stay with me today
as we were entwined yesterday
and then leave me tomorrow
i will find you
i will go with the wind
in search of you
i will run like a cheetah
and fly like an eagle
till i get in touch with you

if you leave me still
and make me bare
what about the old days
with those exhausting love
in the heat of the moment
you said you love me
i cling to you and hold you so
but if you leave me still
then i will rest my case.

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Abdulkabir Ibrahim 10 January 2018

Wow so nice keep it up

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Igho Odiete 05 July 2016

Your poem If You leave me is a sad love tale that makes the reader pause and think. It is a Love long tale and sure a master piece.

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Igho Odiete 05 July 2016

This Poet is an amazing Writer that writes from the heart and the soul. Your poems are lovely and distinct in your own way. Amazing one and he's my Son. Godbless you.

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Luna Lurn 25 May 2015

You are really a good and distinct poet and writer.

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Luna Lurn 25 May 2015

U really have a talent. A real poet and a real distinct writer.

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Ovi Odiete Quotes

'Look those ancient trees with ancient land marks; they do tell stories'

' Out of the darkest shell: I emerge, with a smile on my face and love within, I Conquered'

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