If You Leave Me Poem by Ovi Odiete

If You Leave Me

Rating: 4.3

if you stay with me today
as we were entwined yesterday
and then leave me tomorrow
i will find you
i will go with the wind
in search of you
i will run like a cheetah
and fly like an eagle
till i get in touch with you

if you leave me still
and make me bare
what about the old days
with those exhausting love
in the heat of the moment
you said you love me
i cling to you and hold you so
but if you leave me still
then i will rest my case.

Friday, August 29, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: love
'the poem of entwining'
Heather Wilkins 05 October 2014

well written filled with feeling good imagery I will go with the wind in search of you

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Ovi Odiete 08 October 2014

thank you heather, i really appreciate you, please read my other poems and leave your comment.

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Full of feeling is the this lovely poem!

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Nosagieragbon Enofe 26 September 2015

Speaks of love. More stanzas will portray more explanations, so i take it you are still working on it.

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Igho Odiete 04 July 2016

The writer expresses himself fluently while writing this love poem. An enjoyable one.

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Pamela Sinicrope 02 July 2016

This speaks to me as a poem of young all-encompassing love. I like the imagery and the flow and movement. Nice work!

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Ovi Odiete 03 July 2016

Thanks Pam. You made my day......

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Edward Kofi Louis 26 December 2015

Life and love! With the ways of mankind. Nice work.

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Seema Chowdhury 13 October 2015

Very expressive and meaningful.

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Ovi Odiete 26 September 2015

Thanks Fellow Poets... I really appreciate your comments.

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Ovi Odiete

Ovi Odiete

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