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I live in Penzance, Cornwall, a place steeped in legend and myth and possibly the home of King Arthur's Camelot.
I love words, the sound of them and the look of them, for me they paint pictures of depth and substance. I am irreverent and cynical, but at the same time romantic and full of mischief. I love writing and creating, but I read avidly as well.

Owain Glyn Poems

Men In Grey Suits

There are men in grey suits who infest sand built towers,
Where they sit and they spit out their venom for hours,
Making judgments and plans which they say we must follow,
Leaving them to get fat in the shit that they wallow.


I am sat on a bench, on the seafront, alone,
Just me, and the sea, and the old weathered stone.
Of course, there are tourists, who wander on by,
And silver winged gulls, as they dissect the sky.

This Green And Pleasant Land

Oh, this green and pleasant land,
Its clear blue seas and golden sands.
Its rolling hills and wooded vales,
Its constant rain and howling gales.

Homes For Gnomes

Would you give a gnome a home?
Sit him down on sculpted foam?
Find a pleasant shaded spot,
Not too cold, and not to hot.

A Tear For Christmas

Christmas comes but once each year
I beg from each of you a tear;

A tear for the homeless whose bed is the floor

Owain Glyn Comments

Karen Sinclair 13 March 2013

Owain Glyn is a great poet and his whumpleflump series is a wonderful humorous stories in poem form. Great fun and uplifting.

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Diane Hine 06 February 2013

Ha! brilliant, I'm wary of people like that too.

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