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I just want to go home
Where ever that may be
I don't think I've ever felt at home
Whatever that feels like

Hate and corruption they are my creed
To create a harvest out of this seed
A harvest of souls is what I need
Because i do enjoy watching you bleed

In the begining it was great
Our love was strong, it could never die
In the end, it was fate
Our love was gone, it was just a lie

The judgemental ones, who should judge themselves.
Are more distrought than those they judge.
Their soul implodes with misery.
Just as their words inflict the same.

Mind trapped within itself.
Isolated from all sense of reality.
I ponder the question by myself.
Of life and its duality.

When I think about the life I'm living
I wonder if it's even a life at all
After all the things I've given
And the times I've taken the fall.

I gave you my heart, in death my soul
Once incomplete, but now it is whole
Like a desert flower, my heart had withered
In your shower of love, my heart was delivered

Love is an armor stronger than steel
A venom more lethal than time
A cadence more fluid than rhyme
A mortal wound that cannot heal

As I walk through a land of ice and snow
My eyes burning red, defying the cold
A swelling hatred, my eyes aglow
I march briskly, a sight to behold

Of all the things there are to see
From a crimson sunset
To the autumn trees
I've never seen more beauty yet

What reflection do I see in the mirror?
The change couldn't be any clearer
My soul died on the day
The day I blew you away

Why do things seem so perfect when you try to escape from reality?
Never does the imagination depict the correct outcome.
forever tangled in your own shortcomings you weep from disappointment
As your fragile world crumbles around you, life drains from your soul

Some things in this life we so cherish
Are nothing but illusions of what we perceive.
Love, happiness, and truth are but fickle apparitions.
Sometimes it is for the best because our ignorance is what makes life worth living.

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All the ebb and flow that is the worlds essence. With the most minimal amounts of cruelty, guilt, shame, and despair as I can live with. At times insightful and others oblivious. Not stable or defined by limits.)

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Drowning In Three Inches Of Water

I just want to go home
Where ever that may be
I don't think I've ever felt at home
Whatever that feels like

I'm not sure what love is
I don't know if anyone knows
I do know one thing
If it exists it's what I feel for you

But I don't know if you feel the same
Despite what you said I have my doubts
I guess I'll just take your word for it
That will have to do for tonight

If home is where the heart is I'm at home with you
Even so I fear an eviction
I can't love with conviction
I just don't know if your words are true.

One day peace will find me
Either above or below the ground
Regardless if I've found
How to be set free

Worries are life's centerpiece
And hope its distraction
A struggle that will never cease
Never will I gain traction

I just slide along waiting to stop
As I collide with a wall
A strange mental block
That won't allow me to fall

So I never get back up
I lay helpless drowning
In 3 inches of water
That's what dreams are made of

Just don't go to far down the rabbit hole
Or you won't find your way out.

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Owen Smith Popularity

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