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Oyehan A. Opeyemi is blessed to a noble educationist and His wife, Mr & Mrs Oyehan. Born as the first child and the only male child to his mother, in 1990. He has three kid sisters. He started pre-primary education in 1994. He attended numerous institutions during his primary and secondary tenure, which aided his love for creativities such as poem- ...

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The Best Poem Of Oyehan Opeyemi Akinkunmi

Poetry Is Nature

Poetry is nature,
Poetry is revelation,
Poetry is human,
Poetry is divine.

Unveiling the countrified encounters,
the evolution of the cockroach
and the mythical cactus on the arid
the front and the end;
breaking open the activities
into nature.

The words in the ink
linking present and past
to forecast the prerequisite future.
The revealed talks of the heartbeats
and restoration of tensed souls.

Poetry is nature,
Poetry is expression,
Poetry is in man,
Poetry is divine.

Oyehan Opeyemi Akinkunmi Popularity

Oyehan Opeyemi Akinkunmi Popularity

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