Pablo Loves Life

Rookie (South Africa)

Pablo Loves Life Poems

1. Love And A Star Crossing 12/19/2007
2. You Bound Me With Love 1/16/2008
3. I Saw You 1/17/2008
4. Love So Strong 1/18/2008
5. Words Tell You I Love You 1/21/2008
6. Your Name A Love Language 1/22/2008
7. I Know I Love Her 1/30/2008
8. Laatnag 3/21/2008
9. Sondagmiddag 'Blues' 3/21/2008
10. My Digtersvrou 3/21/2008
11. Jou Naam 3/21/2008
12. Jong Moeder In Gevangenis 3/21/2008
13. Leeg 3/21/2008
14. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 4/5/2008
15. Nothing Could Hide My Love 3/5/2008
16. Nine Months 3/5/2008
17. Not Like Tomorrow 5/22/2008
18. The Day I Fell In Love 6/9/2008
19. Dertien 6/26/2008
20. Hierdie Moord Klou Aan My Siel 7/24/2008
21. Watching You 4/13/2008
22. .sunflower Child 3/21/2008
23. Vissie Op Die Strand 3/21/2008
24. You'Re Not With Me 12/20/2007
25. I Never Heard 12/29/2007
26. You Hold My Heart 1/31/2008
27. In Bold: I Love You 4/20/2008
28. My Love In A Mirror 5/7/2008
29. …and I Love You’s 2/4/2008
30. .love At 4am 1/18/2008
31. Our Love Burns In Me 1/14/2008
32. .she Knows Me 2/15/2008
33. A Thousand Kisses 4/5/2008
34. 'N Lint Vir Jou, My Lief 5/7/2008
35. .searching London 12/10/2007
36. Just Tell Me 12/19/2007
37. A Lovesong On The Phone 12/10/2007
38. Love You With All My Heart 12/19/2007
39. Kiss Me My Baby 1/6/2008
40. I'M In Love With You 1/21/2008

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Best Poem of Pablo Loves Life

.this Woman

There is this woman made for me
this woman craves for me
I love this woman so true
and I know that she loves me too

There is this woman who kisses me
this woman pleases me
I take this woman to be my wife
and I know she wants me for life

There is this woman who dreams about me
This woman makes love to me
When I lay against this woman to sleep
I feel a love towards her so deep

There is this woman who loves me
This woman was made for me
I desire her in every possible way
This woman is my night and day

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You'Re Not With Me

I know you're not with me
simply because you can't be
what breaks my heart
is all the hours spent appart
time which my arms ain't around you
time I'm longing to make love so true
sometimes we are a moment apart
and I feel the sadness in my heart
the times our fingers brush

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