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1. In Debt 6/26/2011
2. Some Road 6/26/2011
3. Your Fire 6/26/2011
4. How Much Do I Hurt? 6/27/2011
5. Angels Have No Wings 6/27/2011
6. A Broken Fruit 6/28/2011
7. Losing A Forbidden Love 6/30/2011
8. When I Walk Away 7/1/2011
9. Wonderfully Made 7/1/2011
10. Flaws In My Diamond 6/28/2011
11. Value In A Coin 7/16/2011
12. Am A Song To Repeat 7/3/2011
13. My Song (Part 1) 6/27/2011
14. In Love Alone 6/28/2011
15. Me And My Sunset Love ! 5/30/2011
16. A Blind Man's Song 7/14/2011

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A Blind Man's Song

In the street where I live,
sits a blind man who sings,
a song that I believe.
he sings, from birth he could not see,
what he wanted he could not be,
a thigh of a woman bare he never seen.
I see a happy street,
I see little babys sleeping in their crib,
the rich feasting on lobster and shrimp.
but the blind one sings of all I cannot see,
all that pass him by when he sings.
his song of adulterers in the shadows with a key
the neighbors spouse to see.
of men who toast to Lucifer, for the riches he gave.
he sings of a bribe, to free a killer.

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How Much Do I Hurt?

if you ask, how much do I hurt?
I say, my hurt knows no end.
it probes, to the depth of my heart.
it aims for the height of my soul.
its been there, the whole length of my life.
this grief, haunts me at the peak of my dreams.
and it drowns me in the valley of my tears.
but still I come alive in my pain.
and my art flows good full of hurt.

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