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We Are Fine In Kathmandu

we filter our water before we drink it
we filter our air before we inhale it
we have yet to learn to filter
the news before we swallow it,

The Crow

Free is the sky and free the heart
that pounds inside a dark, grey chest,
free is the raven, free and smart,
graced with pow’r and with wisdom blessed.

A Poet's Dream

I dreamt (please keep it hushed)
of a ripply mirror where the image of the sky
dropped a question mark: 'Who is? Who is? '
And the mirror said: "Sky is! Sky is! "

On The Banks Of Maribyrnong

The air is fresh and green.
Between the trees
silence sounds a perfect melody;
the river's voiceless ripples gently tease

Dr. Faustus

When I was idealistic and young,
I was Dr. Faustus:
ready to love any beauty for while,
willing to risk heaven for the mysteries of the world,

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The biography of sensibility should be self-evident in the poems.

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