Padma Prasad Devkota

Rookie - 292 Points (Kathmandu, Nepal)

Padma Prasad Devkota Poems

1. Dawn 4/4/2012
2. Insomnia 4/27/2012
3. Voices 6/26/2012
4. Death Can Hurt No More 8/1/2012
5. Shelter 8/5/2012
6. Flowers And Rocks 10/6/2012
7. Let Me Look Upon You 10/6/2012
8. Maya 12/10/2012
9. I Never Knew 3/21/2014
10. A Pang Called Love 4/9/2014
11. Not-A-Haiku 6/17/2015
12. We Are Fine In Kathmandu 10/9/2015
13. The Crow 11/23/2015
14. On Writing 12/17/2015
15. Stray Thoughts On A Sunny Morning 1/12/2016
16. Dark Birds Of Time 1/12/2016
17. Little Things 1/12/2016
18. A Poet's Dream 2/6/2016
19. On The Banks Of Maribyrnong 3/6/2016
20. Jatayu 8/14/2012
21. Life 9/14/2012
22. The Rose Bush 10/1/2012
23. All Young Girls 8/18/2012
24. A Broken Melody 8/29/2012
25. Language 8/5/2012
26. Transformation 3/26/2012
27. A Sunrise 3/27/2012
28. The Great Goddess 3/28/2012
29. Swimming The Unknown Depths 5/5/2012
30. The Eternal Spark 7/22/2012
31. What Dies In Spring 8/29/2012
32. Dr. Faustus 8/26/2012
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Dr. Faustus

When I was idealistic and young,
I was Dr. Faustus:
ready to love any beauty for while,
willing to risk heaven for the mysteries of the world,
determined to rule it rough,
saying, 'All this is mine! '

No bespectacled gaze could fathom my heart
that welled up with truth and certainty;
no power ruled that could ever curb
my natural spontaneity.
I walked like a lord who could change the world
with a snap of the finger of my will.

Although truth has eluded my grasp ever since,
certainty is a legend I still love;
Dr. Faustus too is alive and...

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I wished her good night and my wish came true.
She purrs her dreams in bedded melody.
Beside her warm and comforting length
awake to pitch black silence of the night
I toss and turn in silent agony
like a reed in the current of a stream
that will not stop … that cannot stop at all
until it has reached the blackest carrion sea.

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