Padmore Enyonam Agbemabiese Poems

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From A Grandma To A Grandson

be patient with life, despite its cruelty
often it seems careless to shed tears
for something you cherish but lost
but let it bring you hope

Can’t Promise Anything

I can't promise you roses
which bloom of brilliant red
but I promise, when you need me
as much as possible

On My 40th Birthday

last night
before I lay down to sleep
I prayed the Lord my shape to keep
to let no wrinkles come.

Little Daisy

grow my sweet daisy
plant your roots within these veins
flourishing more so than
the grass that tickles your stem


we are the dog who caught the game
but are made to take comfort in the bones
beneath the master’s table

Your Kindness

thank you is not enough
to tell you my deep feelings
about your thoughtfulness and the gift of love
but in the absence of the right word

Just Saying, Thanks

thanks for being strength in my weakness
thanks for being hope in my despair
and mores, thanks for being there
when light walks away from the forest

Strong Black Woman

I am
a black woman strong
beyond definition
standing tall by my words

Will You Come To Say Goodbye

when the last breath of life
is gone from my body
and my lips are as cold as the dog’s nose
when my friends gather 'round

Time And Change

time and fate may separate friends and lovers
but friendship or love that's true will live forever
true love conquers all odds with patience
and hope keeps them alive forever

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