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be patient with life, despite its cruelty
often it seems careless to shed tears
for something you cherish but lost
but let it bring you hope

I can't promise you roses
which bloom of brilliant red
but I promise, when you need me
as much as possible

last night
before I lay down to sleep
I prayed the Lord my shape to keep
to let no wrinkles come.

grow my sweet daisy
plant your roots within these veins
flourishing more so than
the grass that tickles your stem

we are the dog who caught the game
but are made to take comfort in the bones
beneath the master’s table

thank you is not enough
to tell you my deep feelings
about your thoughtfulness and the gift of love
but in the absence of the right word

I am
a black woman strong
beyond definition
standing tall by my words

when the last breath of life
is gone from my body
and my lips are as cold as the dog’s nose
when my friends gather 'round

time and fate may separate friends and lovers
but friendship or love that's true will live forever
true love conquers all odds with patience
and hope keeps them alive forever

each time the sun goes down
another day we leave behind
standing at its crossroad
I wonder what tomorrow may bring

God knows there would be times
we'd need a word of cheer
want the face of smile
to brush away our tears

I miss those blessed walks
down the dusty road with Grandma
to the grazing fields of Hlorve
where we’ll tether the sheep

my mother’s womb
is Noah’s Ark
in which I was saved.

sometimes our hearts should not beat alone
it needs someone whose presence
speaks to our grief, someone whose words
touches our souls already lost

the morning clouds have come
you were not in the shade

where were you

I want to tell my-story, our-story
not his-story stripped of my-story

I am going back to our-story

what happens to a dream deferred
does it dry up upon waking
like a stream in the desert
or does it fester and decay like meat

with nourishment and caring
flowers bloom in spring
from tiny seeds once planted
in the garden of our hearts

ever since we met behind the sheets of our eyes
in every breath I take in every step of the day
your presence lingers on the breast of my soul
and I feel the rhythm in my heart


she wanted to sing a song
but there was no ear to hear her sing

Padmore Enyonam Agbemabiese Biography

Padmore Enyonam Agbemabiese is a Ghanaian poet, playwright and scholar. Currently he is a lecturer at The Ohio State University in the United States. He received his elementary education in Ghana at Abor Roman Catholic Primary School and later his secondary education at Abor and Kpandu secondary schools. Throughout this period his Grandma never left him uninformed of who he is. The basic statements of his Grandma's ideas and positions have become relevant to the understanding of his educational views. According to Padmore Agbemabiese, prescriptions and controversies that spring from what his grandmother perceives as literacy are vital today as they often explode in scholarship on what constitutes education or literacy across the world.)

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From A Grandma To A Grandson

be patient with life, despite its cruelty
often it seems careless to shed tears
for something you cherish but lost
but let it bring you hope
to laugh last is to laugh best
not all buds bloom as flowers
so take your heart that bleeds
you were not made eternally to weep

wish happiness for everyone
do not deny them their freewill
to love, to choose, and be where they want
under every word this still is true
be happy in all disappointments
in your life many sweet events remain
not in anguish, but in joy remember this
sacred things from Heaven come
when the storm of life is over

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Mae Catherine Godhigh 21 July 2011

Nicley written...inspiring also. Keep up the good work!

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