Patricia Etienne

Rookie (1/8/1971 / Port-Au-Prince, Haiti)

Patricia Etienne Poems

1. The Forbidden Flea 10/9/2011
2. I'M Of Destiny 10/9/2011
3. Our Hearts Affair 10/9/2011
4. No Limit Kindness 10/9/2011
5. Inside The Collapse 10/15/2011
6. ~*~the Ist And Ism Discoloration~*~ 10/30/2011
7. Am I A Conniver? 11/10/2011
8. ~the Milestone's Inquietude~ 11/13/2011
9. Let Down 11/14/2011
10. A Mademoiselle Bestia 11/14/2011
11. ~~when Depression Climbs Up The Wall~~ 11/22/2011
12. ♥ The Mystery Of Tongue♥ 11/30/2011
13. ~so Disturb! ~ 12/10/2011
14. *within Kwanzaa* 12/17/2011
15. ~humanity Cries Woe~ 4/21/2012
16. The Elderly Man From The Window 5/19/2012
17. A Frozen Dinner 6/3/2012
18. The Silent King 6/8/2012
19. *** America Remembers *** 9/11/2012
20. Indian Women Cry 'Great St. Essa' 1/22/2013
21. She's April 3/20/2014
22. Childhood 4/26/2014
23. My Archive Friend 1/10/2012
24. The Lyric Of Fiona 1/14/2012
25. ``sephora`` 1/15/2012
26. ~~the Bogeymen In The Black Boots ~~ 2/12/2012
27. ~~this Poet I Am~~ 3/25/2012
28. I’d Rather Be Safe 1/2/2012
Best Poem of Patricia Etienne

I’d Rather Be Safe

Home of the safe
Here are your options
You can be silent
Or be silenced
Because if you’re not
There will be violence
And though there is
No one to guide us
There are rules there
For guidance
You can challenge
Your liberty
But in the end
There is a key
To lock you up
And hold you back
Just in case
There is attack
You’re only safe
If you stay quiet
These written words
You must abide by
The land of the free
And home of the brave
Should be re-written
to home of the safe?

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No Limit Kindness

Judge me three times before Hephaestus
Judge me seven times before Aeglaeca
Judge me twenty one times before Abaddon
Many judgments hath unleashed upon my ways
Great old voice read out loud the verdict
Alas! Does not generate the thinking
Palm of the hands, execute the defendant
Until proven dirty, they're yet clean
Judge me thirty three times before Ravana

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