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The life that we live
is just one big story
it has many climaxs
and many reasons

An Indescribable feeling,
Although very Desirable,
Which controls the Heart
and affects the entire body,

What if i loved you
What if you loved me
What if we knew
we couldnt have eachother

That Dirt road,
that most people know,
they know it for the memories,
they know it for the love.

As the moonlight shined down upon my face
I look to the skies for that amazing grace.
I looked for answers truth or lies
Waiting and watching for that one little sign.

Photos are worth athousand words,
in time they become memories.
candids on a page
The quality of one shot


dark and depressing
like the color black
the absence of life


As i stare into the moon i think about you.
Your radient glow when you smileat me.
Your presence even makes me feel warm and relaxed.
When im not around you i feel empty,

When we first met
i walked in the room
and there you were
sitting in awe

i Sit here and wonder
why do i think like this
do i think to much?
i Wish i could get over this

people look at me
they look at me as if im some alien from another world
but im not, im just like them
they always judge me

What are the hurts in life?
Their are many
to many to name
people have their own reasons

Someone is always wanting something
You get so determined to have it
then your put down
cause you cant have it.

The aching of a heart
For the thing we cant have
My heart is like a garden
Like the love thats in it

We were together
you laughed when i looked away
you didnt know why
so i told you

I lay in bed wondering how i deserve such a guy like you.
And thank God every night that he answered my prayers.
And lead me straight to you.

As the camera slides into my hand,
feeling, warmth and remembrance of it.
sometime i find myself wandering the land,
and i tend to get every little bit.

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Hi i'm seventeen and full of life, you can ask me a question about life and i'll have an answer. I can get along with any but taken by the best, if you want to get to know me just send me the text. You have a poem one you may not be so sure about just ask me i'll give you an honest oppinion, My names Patricia And I May Be Your Next Best Friend)

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A Story Of Life

The life that we live
is just one big story
it has many climaxs
and many reasons

The Life that we live
is just a story
a story that has been told
and come true
sometimes it gets turned around
and then other times
its just like a flow

The life that we live
we try to live it to the fullest
some succeed
and some dont.

The life that we live
is sometimes bad
and sometimes good
it can be normal
or it can be totally different

The life that we live
is just a story thats to be
retold over and over again
Live Your Life.....

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bob read 05 January 2010

hey i like your stuff alot of feeling in your poems always a good thing take care x

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