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Beautifull Black Queens

From your lips to your hips, your anatomy is unique,
The colour of your skin is Black, I call you beautifull black queens.
Your weight or skin tone don't matter, the smile on your face speaks fot itself;
You know that God gave you beauty, you are a product of his hands.

Black Gold

Flammable and corrosive liquid also known as petroleum or black gold
We want to separate from you, the twenty first century will be green;
You make Earth a wicked place but is necessary to every household,
On every continent, you cause pollution, wars and corrupt human beings.

Justice (The Testament)

You took my pulse, understood that I am dead,
Take time to weep, remove the rope that's on my neck.
This ink is my blood, my forearms' cuts will testify,
I left a razor with fingerprints of my suicide.

House Negroes

From slaves to dubious entertainers, the condition of house Negroes has improved;
Their shackles are now made of platinum, gold and diamonds.
Money makes them sing and dance for their masters because it has remained the rule,

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Patrick Ochieng Adholla is a Kenyan conscious poet and a student at Daystar University.He is first and foremost a young African who cares about his continent and who would like to see a world without racial, religious or ethnic discrimination.

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