Rm. Shanmugam Chettiar Patriotism Poems


Patriotism is the seed of violence.
Don’t grow it. Instead, thrash it.
Patriotism has no place for future.
Shed away all inhibition about it.

Name Wipes Patriotism

If the team I am coaching won
The team I once represented
I would be happy for the team
I coached as I, as a coach,

Patriotism In Display.

I love rose; me, don't force
To hail it in public
Each time I inhale.
I love her, my mother,

Twins: Patriotism And Nationalism

A patriot loves his people to others.
A nationalist hates other people to his.
The former is proud of what his land does.
The latter likes his land no matter what it does.

A Look On Patriotism

Cosmic ideology is a supreme thinking.
It is not confined to time, space and person.
Nationalism and patriotism
Work against it and deserves to be condemned.

Patriotism Is Violence.

When you think about yourself as the one
By the nation, religion, caste or clan,
You make a division between your group
And the rest, which is the base of violence.

Patriotism Expanded

To abide by law is patriotism.
Not to plunder the nature is patriotism.
Not to pollute the resource is patriotism.
Working for nation is patriotism.

Patriotism In Excess?

Patriotism and nationalism
Look similar in meaning and yet differ.
Love for the country is patriotism.
Pride for the country is nationalism

Patriotism To Die

Patriotism:it is my country - right or wrong.
Nationalism:it is my country. Be it right.
Patriotism lacks compassion for the targets.
Nationalism has consideration for others.

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