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I was born in Aravayal, a village near Karaikudi, in Sivaganga District, Tamil Nadu, India, on 15th June 1942. My parents are Ramanathan aka Malikozhundu Chettiat and Muthulakshmi aka Kamalam Achi. My wife is Alagammai aka Tharmambal Achi. I have a son, Suresh and a daughter Sudha, both having their families. Now i reside in chennai. email rmshanmug@gmail.com and rmshanmug@yahoo.com
I am a graduate in Botany in Alagappa College, Karaikud and had served in the rubber board, a govnt. body, for 38 years. I have been writing poems since 1995 and i have in this site ten thousand two hundred poems as on March,2020, some being published in the periodicals of my department and in the annuals of the Chennai poets' circle, Chennai, where i serves as Secretary since 2010 till 2015. My poems cover romance, love, human relations, philosophy. Almost all the poems are short, sharp and telegraphic, conveying naked message.An atheist.
website: www.rmshanmugamchettiar.com
my email rmshanmug@gmail.com
my blog: rmshanmugam.blogspot.com rmshanmug.blogspot.com rmshanmugam.rmshanmugam.blogspot.com
Blogs are there year wise from 1999 to 2016

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A Woman Forty Plus Aspires

I must be the centre of attention
And reaffirm my desirability.
I must feel validated as a woman
And re-experience the romance of love.
Let be burnt the ennui of monogamy.
Let come again the sexual excitement
That I went through at my first night.
Need not the man in focus be a prince,
An emperor nor a millionaire.
Let him be the one I want to be with,
In accordance with my safety,
Proximity and convenience.
Just for a ‘love you leave you alliance.’
Yes, I must waste no time to test my worth
And remain faithful with my husband.


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Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi 18 February 2012

When I accidentally came into this site on 18th December 2011 for the first time, his name appeared on the Home page. Out of curiosity, I logged in and posted a few poems. Rm. Shanmugam Chettiar's poems talk about eternal truth, though he touches a few odd subjects here and there.

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Wahab Abdul 11 June 2012

i found this poet wonderful, his poems are very beautiful, he is one of my best poets, i wish him a grand success in the field of poetry...

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Rekha Mandagere 09 February 2011

You have really done a great work in the field of poetry!

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Rajendran Muthiah 01 January 2012

Sir, you express simple facts of life bitter and happy in brief simple verses. That is fantastic!

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Grace Mojoko 02 April 2019

it's a pleasure to meet you. It give me a great pleasure to write you i was browsing when i came across your profile i have an important thing to discuss with you. Please contact me back here on my email address [gracemojokoa@gmail.com] for me to tell you more OK thanks.

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excellent poems. you are great in explaining your feels. i invite you to read my poem

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Ronn Michael Salinas 02 August 2013

Thank you for the comment on a piece of mine, sir. I really am about boldness and truth in my works. I'm pleased that you noticed. Cheers -Ronn

4 0 Reply
Mohan Thulasingam 28 October 2012

Keep it up to add more feathers in your cap.

6 3 Reply
Valsa George 16 June 2012

It's amazing that a man could pen 6000 and odd poems in a couple of years! ! Ur passion for poetry is exorbitant. Please keep sharing ur concise and valuable thoughts!

5 1 Reply

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