Paul Adolphus

Paul Adolphus Poems

1. I'Ts Over 9/28/2011
2. A Woman Complete 10/3/2011
3. Dream Girl 10/3/2011
4. Homeless 10/3/2011
5. Everyday People 10/4/2011
6. Tell Me 10/4/2011
7. Humble Plea 10/10/2011
8. Afflicted 10/10/2011
9. Some People 10/10/2011
10. Peace 10/12/2011
11. Cast Your Worries On Jesus 10/12/2011
12. Different But Still The Same 10/19/2011
13. Judge Not 10/28/2011
14. One More Try 10/28/2011
15. Thank You Father 10/12/2011
16. Jesus Is Waiting 10/12/2011
17. Never Satisfied 10/10/2011
18. Dare To Dream 10/3/2011
19. The Path I Chose 10/4/2011
20. Circumstances 9/28/2011
21. My Better Half 9/28/2011
22. Teach Your Children 10/19/2011
23. Jesus, My Light 9/28/2011
24. A True Champion 10/10/2011
25. Hidden Feelings 9/28/2011
26. Love Yourself 10/19/2011
27. Be Yourself 10/28/2011
28. Treat Your Woman Right 10/12/2011
Best Poem of Paul Adolphus

Treat Your Woman Right

It saddens me to see
how some men treat their woman so unfair
they neglect them completely
as if they didn't care
while she's waiting at home
they're out having an affair
believing all his lies
she is totally unaware

Some men expect their woman
to do everything they say
if something is not done right
their temper flares up right away
some think they have the right to dominate
a woman is not your slave
she's your partner, your lover, your mate

She will make mistakes ofcourse
she's only human you know
no need to yell, hit or ...

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My Better Half

You are the anchor that holds me in place
Without you my life would be just an empty space
You are my strength when I grow weak
Inspiration i draw from comforting words you speak

I find solace in your arms when I want to cry
When I'm feeling down, you lift my spirits up high
When I'm troubled, you have a listening ear
I turn to you because I know you will hear

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