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The world and its peoples look very different to me.These poems are my first, they are stumbling words many of which are alien in context to me, new dawns coated in primitive errors.They are intended to open doorways and close pains.
Many links are appearing on my site, about 'other'Paul Barnacle's, I admit to having many internal personalities, but only one external version.

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Mugano Paul 17 January 2009

You're a star. Keep shining! Shine in the night and in the day too. Shine so bright that even here in Uganda the Pearl ofAfrica, your light may reach...

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Be Yourself

This is your time,
Grasp it.
Dont let it slip away,
Be brave, my darling.
Every day says yes.
Believe in me,
Trust me,
Embrace me.
Time will tell.


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paul barnacle Popularity

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