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Establishment challenger
Confronter extraordinaire
In a call for justice
That backfired on me.

Clip, clop,
With clods of earth rising
Behind the plough
Kicking over the traces

Ziggurat star-gazers descend
Stepping down tiered balconies
Leaving Babylon’s babble
Scattered in a thousand tongues

A divine presence settles on us
Above worm and bird, wombat and beetle
In the world of transmutation
Closely observed by explorer Darwin,

Rumours rumble and elders mumble
But generations to come will say we’re blessed
As headlines preach gloom and newscasts doom
My spirit rejoices in God.

Sub-particular matters collide
Bombarding each other
Through subterranean tunnels
To unearth the ultimate everything

Recall the memory, the moment of revelation
When divine intervention came to life
Reborn in transformation.

Feet set steady on a rock
Wading against the jet stream
Yet relaxed in swirling currents
Tumbling centrifugally against gravity

With an understanding ear
Attuned to listening
To hopes and fears
Unrealized, but real

Wheat harvested and threshed;
Ears milled and sifted;
Dough kneaded with fists
That might overcome an enemy

Statuesque in plainsong chant
The organ pedals with toes tapping
Transporting the spirit heavenwards
In rising descants

Involved in creation
Yet part of what he made;
Before the beginning
He keeps to our time;

One candle extinguished
While another flickers
Over the emptiness of a chair
Vacated in the loneliness

Translate its meaning for all people
In universal understanding
Of mysteries barely grasped.
Grappling for words

Retreat to Lindisfarne
In search of the Holy Isle
In sabbatical seclusion
Close to the beginnings

Struggling to find a voice
to explain the mystery of faith
in elusive eloquence;
hand-writing illegible,

He’s the traveller with a difference
Who stops when others move
Past the one waylaid and robbed;
Going beyond first aid

Ears pricked up
To receive the prophecy.
More than his Word – His words
Dangled between a pair of ear-rings

Unknown that night
Yet known from birth;
Following as second
Wanting to be first;

The carpenter’s son
Though not his son
Leaves home and the sawdust
For a journey of discovery

Paul du Plessis Biography

Paul du Plessis is a retired physician who has spent most of his professional life working with The Salvation Army, in South Africa, Zambia, India and the United Kingdom. Much of his poetry, published on has been influenced by his religious and spiritual journey. He lives in Bromley, Kent, with his wife, Margaret.)

The Best Poem Of Paul du Plessis

In Detention

Establishment challenger
Confronter extraordinaire
In a call for justice
That backfired on me.

Baptising forerunner
Who set him on his way
Now silenced behind bars
With doubts creeping up on me.

Health restored; sight back;
The demon-possessed freed;
Prophecy fulfilled
But what of me?

Synagogue scroll in action
But prisoners still inside
Including me.

One last word about my cousin:
Violent hatred
Will come his way too
But certainly not from me.

John the Baptist responds to news about Jesus – Luke 7:

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Paul du Plessis Popularity

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