Pavan meena Poems

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'To Be Young Is Too Dangerous'

The most perilous stage of life
Having many dreams, thoughts & seeks
And many destroyer for them
Love, lust, strength and zeal as

'A Red Day Latter' August15,1947

A day, when west wind flew out
And she was free to breathe &
Sweep away, red frozen tears,
When her sobs wasn't heard more,

Apollo: The God Of The Sun

Hera's cause, she wanders with labour pains
Helplessly, in oceans, skies, mounts & plains
But Poseidon's pity, a floating land she gains
Here she was blessed & sun commotions begins

'Don't Bw Down In Dawn'

Don't be down in dawn
Don't be down in dawn
Quit waste world, come in town
Don't be down in dawn

Don't Be Down In Dawn

' The Falling Star'

In a night view eyes on you
Rushing toward an unknown
Destination in such a marry mood
Your fellows lightened long weary way

'Soul & Mind'

Enigma is to me still human soul & mind secrets
You, delineate both to melt away this darkness
I don't wanna back with any regrets
Your every word for me is from the depth of trueness

'Asoka''the Eminent Emperor'

'An incomparable glory
From ancient story'

The Most Dangerous Thing

Pain....of slicing your nack,
Of hole on your body, bullet built,
Of Yamraj's all sorely purgatories